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SSDA is dedicated to a perfect trim (nothing dangles from/around the diver), buoyancy (exact number of weights…can be 0) and hover ( steady as a breath)..and why? Safety, reef and ocean conservation, respect to underwater world in which where we are guests. No “bicycle finning”, but horizontal position with frog kick, back kick, modified flatter kick and helicopter turn. SSDA says:”You like to visit underwater? Be as much close to underwater. The underwater will come close to you. Be Trimmed, Horizontal and Steady…be underwater style!” SSDA can teach you :) Do you want to be a better Scuba Diver? Do you want to fin like a Pro? Contact us.

SDI is vetting this programm through a blog of Lauren Kieren

"Wildlife Life Rules: The Do’s and Don’ts with Aquatic Creatures" and she is saying:

When I was asked to write an article on “the do’s and don’ts with aquatic creatures,” I thought to myself… Sure, that’s easy. The entire piece can be summed up like this: You can hurt it; it can hurt you; don’t touch it.

It really is that simple. However, I understand that may not be the most informative approach to this topic so I’ll give it another shot!

 When we descend below the surface, we’re venturing into a completely new world. We’re weightless, gliding through the water, often observing the beautiful marine life swimming along reefs, wrecks, rivers and springs.

We are a guest in this alien environment.

We are there for the simple pleasure of experiencing a different world that does not belong to us; it belongs to the creatures that live in it. Like any respectable guest, we should be courteous and considerate, not create messes, break things or hurt those who live there. Here are a few reasons why…

You can hurt it  

Most aquatic creatures and coral have a mucous lining that protects them and keeps them healthy. If we harm that protective lining, we expose them to risk, infections and diseases.

 It can hurt you

The reality for aquatic creatures is that they are either the catch or the prey.  Since this is the way their world works, they have built in defense mechanisms to protect them from being the catch of the day.

These defense mechanisms come in many forms such as spines, sharp fins and certainly sharper teeth.  Some creatures are also packing major heat in the form of poisonous chemicals in their spines such as lion fish, rock fish and scorpion fish.

If you get handsy with aquatic creatures, understand if you get cut or stung – you are exposing yourself to not only a painful experience but also bacteria present in the water that can make your healing process extremely difficult.  In addition, you’ve stressed the aquatic creature and likely changed its natural behavior to avoid humans in the future.

 The bottom is off limits

Whether you’re diving a reef, wreck, river, spring, etc., it is extremely important to remember the bottom is off limits because it is the home for a lot of aquatic creatures, even if you can’t see them.

Kneeling or laying on the bottom, even if it looks like a clear sandy area, can destroy the home of an aquatic creature such as garden eels, jaw fish, various crustaceans, isopods and more. Touching or bouncing off the coral can destroy it after it has taken years to form and may never return back to its original state.

I will never forget a dive where I saw a lettuce sea slug knocked off the coral, tossed up into the water column and spun in a spiral motion back down after a diver simply swam near it.  The diver didn’t touch or kick the bottom but they were not aware that their finning technique was disrupting the environment and creatures present.

Being in control of your hands and feet while swimming is crucial to avoid disrupting the environment.  Just because you’re off the bottom, does not mean you aren’t interfering with it.  Make sure the thrust of your fins is pushing the water up and behind you versus down to the bottom.

Lastly, always remember, you are a guest while visiting the underwater world.  Look but don’t touch; be courteous and considerate, do not create messes, break things or hurt those who live there.


“SSDA is the connection to scuba diving where trim is light, hover effortless and buoyancy perfect.”

"SSDA makes recreational Sidemount scuba divers unique, mobile, light and cool.”

Truly ejoyed Eva's coaching. She was very clear with her instructions and very patient as well. Most importantly. She was willing to provide advice on other scuba related topic. Fruitful training sessions :)

Lffayette Mitchell

Sidemount has been nothing but short of amazing experience. It feels like I'm diving without an air tank when I'm under the sea. It gave you the thrill of diving into small enclosed area where backmount doesn't allows you to. Don't be judgy about sidemount until you give it a try. Besides, why not be adventurous and try out something new? ;)

Joy Lee

‘Eva was my side-mount speciality instructor. I was lucky to meet her during one of leisure dives. Personally, it was so cool to dive differently and I am always eager to try out new things. After an on-line course, I have a better understanding of this cool way of diving. Sidemount is much more natural, easier and safer to dive than backmount, e.g. it provides the flexibility to dive with two independent air supply system with two separate tanks. Sidemount is the most natural way of diving which brings diver closer to the underwater and more connected with the environment. The other amazing thing to me is that I can dive without any weights as
Sidemount is giving me perfect buoyancy, which gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom. As what mentioned in Eva's logo, I become UML - unique, mobile and light... Thanks to Eva! I love this feeling a lot!
Eva was always positive and encouraging during the course. She made the course interesting, even during the pool sessions. She taught me how to feel the buoyancy of my body and frog kicks. Thanks to her recommendation, I managed to buy a cool jet fins and unique BCD at a discounted rate.
If you would like to try out this unique, safer and cooler way of diving. I would recommend her as your instructor. Dive safely & have fun, buddy! May the force be with you :D

Anthony Quek

'A great long weekend on a liveaboard with my daughter and Eva as our divemaster. 10 dives including 2 night dives. Looking forward to the next one laugh'


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