Indonesia Turtles

Bunaken Marine Park, which is nearby Manado and Siladen island in North Sulawesi, is the place where the green turtles like to chill in the caverns and nest on beautiful beaches like the one at Siladen island where SSDA Diving Destination is.

We support ocean conservation with every our scuba diving activity and so “protect the green turtle” is our mission on Siladen island.

SSDA Diving Destination facilitates the bookings for two resorts located at Siladen island beach. The choice to stay there opens the doors to green turtle sanctuary. 

We see the green turtles on almost every dive or snorkelling getaway. In the evenings we walk the beach to find them nesting. When we find them nesting we protect the eggs and then patiently wait for the release of the baby turtles into the sea. Did you know that the green sea turtle can lay between 85 and 100 eggs? And that the green turtle can nest several times in a season? 

We make sure that SSDA subscribers know all about the developments in the resorts so that you don’t miss the event. 

The “bare foot” resort consists Sea View Cottages, with stunning views of Manado and Bunaken, and Garden View Cottages, which are all built in traditional Minahasa style of North Sulawesi. The rooms are equipped with a double bed, minibar, air conditioning and ceiling fan.

The “sea horse” resort consists Cottages, Superior Rooms and small Villas. The Superior Rooms are on the upper floor of the main building, they are air-conditioned and each has its own large bathroom. The spacious Cottages, which were built with attention to detail and style, are distributed across the large beautiful garden: 2 Garden Family Cottages with 2 separate rooms, and 4 Beach View Cottages and 2 Beach Villas directly at the beach.

The price includes full board or half board, therefore you just indulge the time with the green turtles and we take care about everything else.

We typically plan up to four boat dives and snorkelling getaways per day, always depending on the site and weather conditions. The snorkelling from the beach is unlimited, as long as your eyes don’t get tired of watching the beautiful marine life at our house reef.

What are you waiting for?! Contact us and book your journey to green turtle sanctuary in Indonesia.

“SSDA is the connection to scuba diving where trim is light, hover effortless and buoyancy perfect.”

"SSDA makes recreational Sidemount scuba divers unique, mobile, light and cool.”

Truly ejoyed Eva's coaching. She was very clear with her instructions and very patient as well. Most importantly. She was willing to provide advice on other scuba related topic. Fruitful training sessions :)

Lffayette Mitchell

Sidemount has been nothing but short of amazing experience. It feels like I'm diving without an air tank when I'm under the sea. It gave you the thrill of diving into small enclosed area where backmount doesn't allows you to. Don't be judgy about sidemount until you give it a try. Besides, why not be adventurous and try out something new? ;)

Joy Lee

‘Eva was my side-mount speciality instructor. I was lucky to meet her during one of leisure dives. Personally, it was so cool to dive differently and I am always eager to try out new things. After an on-line course, I have a better understanding of this cool way of diving. Sidemount is much more natural, easier and safer to dive than backmount, e.g. it provides the flexibility to dive with two independent air supply system with two separate tanks. Sidemount is the most natural way of diving which brings diver closer to the underwater and more connected with the environment. The other amazing thing to me is that I can dive without any weights as
Sidemount is giving me perfect buoyancy, which gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom. As what mentioned in Eva's logo, I become UML - unique, mobile and light... Thanks to Eva! I love this feeling a lot!
Eva was always positive and encouraging during the course. She made the course interesting, even during the pool sessions. She taught me how to feel the buoyancy of my body and frog kicks. Thanks to her recommendation, I managed to buy a cool jet fins and unique BCD at a discounted rate.
If you would like to try out this unique, safer and cooler way of diving. I would recommend her as your instructor. Dive safely & have fun, buddy! May the force be with you :D

Anthony Quek

'A great long weekend on a liveaboard with my daughter and Eva as our divemaster. 10 dives including 2 night dives. Looking forward to the next one laugh'


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